We all get those calls at one time or another.

I am always looking for a better job and when I see something on the internet that looks reasonable, I check it out. Well, I got suckered and before I knew it I entered my phone number on a website. I realized what I had done and when the phone started ringing from unfamiliar numbers, I ignored the calls. They were coming five and ten minutes apart for several days.

I get calls from potential customers and so I do answer calls from unfamiliar numbers. Last week I answered one and it was from a marketing company called AMF Marketing from Las Vegas, Nevada. I immediately told the woman that I was working and wasn’t really interested. Once she found out I was a salesman, she assured me that I would be perfect for the job. She passed me off to a Cameron Crawford who would explain everything to me.

In short, I would gather the names and contact information for small businesses and they would follow up on the leads to convert their credit card processing to their company at a rate of 1.5%. ¬†For my efforts, I would be rewarded $50 for each business converted and then receive half of the 1.5% on each sale from each business. Who wouldn’t go for that?

They could have me working by the next week. I cover a lot of ground, so I could do very well at this. I’m interested!

Now, there shouldn’t be a catch, but there is. Since when does someone offer you a job and require you to pay a fee? I would have to be licensed to do this job and they were going to graciously pay half the fee of $1000. I would pay the other half.

Even if that were legitimate, you would think that they would at least wait until I came up with the money. I told him I was interested, but didn’t have the money right now. It’s obviously a scam! The job would be filled before I could come up with the money. I didn’t have to hang up on him. He hung up on me. He wasn’t going to waste any time looking for another sucker.

It’s a scam!

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